New look online lotto

Thank you to all who have played our online lotto and support our club. We recently carried out essential maintenance of our pitch as well as ongoing running costs such as maintenance and team costs. We are also facilitating a Cúl Camp this year from the 20th July to the 24th July 2020. As host Shannon Gaels does not receive any of the registration fees. Our new look online lotto is a great opportunity for you to support our club so please register and play. If you played online before you will have to re-register again. If you have already played for this weekends draw you are included but to play again you will also have to re-register. Click on the following link:

Club Lotto Result Update Draw 31st May 2020

No jackpot winner this evening. Congratulations to our €20 winners. Thank you to all who played our lotto this weekend. Your support in this difficult time is much appreciated. Most annual lotto tickets purchased last year have now expired. If you wish to renew your ticket please contact Philip on 087-2932097. To play our lotto you must play online or purchase an annual ticket by following one of the links below.

Online Club Lotto:
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