Membership 2017 closing date.

Email received from County Board today. Please get your Registration in by Friday the 31st March.

A chara

As you are aware, the closing date for completing your Club Membership Registrations for 2017 is this Friday 31 March.

This year Cavan clubs have so far registered a total of 6,523 members. This is excellent progress and well done on your work so far.

However a substantial number of 2016 club members have not yet been renewed for 2017.  Please ensure that you have registered all your 2017 club members by 31 March.

If you have any problems or difficulties with the system, feel free to use the Helpline (details below) or contact me.

Please don’t leave everything until the last minute, as if you do have difficulties, the earlier you report them, the easier it will be to sort them.