RTÉ’s New Quiz Show

RTÉ’s brand new quiz show could be sending you and

two friends/relatives off on a fantastic luxury holiday.

The show will be hitting your screens this year, testing people’s knowledge

of the last 40 years. 
In each show, teams of three friends and/or relatives

will battle it out for the top prize, answering questions of memorable

moments, from sport and TV to politics and pop!

Do you or your friends remember when Wham! had you waking up with

the Jitterbug, or when Meatloaf would do anything but that?

How well do you recall Italia 90 or who was bringing home Sam or Liam?

What about the rise and fall of Charlie? Who shot JR, or was it all a dream?

Using video archive, the show will relive all the laughs, tears, shocks and

triumphs of the 80’s, 90’s, Noughties and now, while putting the teams’ knowledge

and memory to the test.
 If you and two of your friends/relatives are up for the challenge,

over 18 and are legal residents in Ireland,

then please hit the link below to register: http://tinyurl.com/op4x7z3