Colour Run 2016 Information


Registration will take place in the club house from 11:30 am – our pitch is located out the Florencecourt Road on the left hand side.

Once you get your wristband head on into the pitch where we will warm up at 12pm with music and a DJ. There will be plenty of colour around as we get ready to start at 12:30pm.

The route will take us into Blacklion village, up towards Killinagh church and back down the same road. There are 4 colour stations on the route- you will pass through these on the way up and down.

Our powder is 100% non โ€“ toxic and is biodegradable as well as good cosmetic grade tested to the highest FDA standards.

Shannon Gaels underage girls are running a cake sale at the event so please support them.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun!

2015 Colour Run